"Learning Can Be Fun" - Moshe Feldenkrais

"Learning Can Be Fun" - Moshe Feldenkrais

"Learning Can Be Fun" - Moshe Feldenkrais"Learning Can Be Fun" - Moshe Feldenkrais"Learning Can Be Fun" - Moshe Feldenkrais

What Arturo’s students and collaborators are saying...

Cheri Clampett ERYT, Co-author The Therapeutic Yoga Kit

"I have had the great privilege of teaching the Therapeutic Yoga teacher training with Arturo Peal since 1998.  Arturo is a gifted teacher, imparting his passion for the human body in each an every interaction with his students.  He creatively weaves in experiential techniques and interactive demonstrations into his lectures, making learning fun and intriguing for the participants.  Many of the nurses and doctors who have taken our training have commented on what a wonderful anatomy teacher Arturo is, making each of the various topics he covers a joy to learn, even for the second time around. I feel so fortunate to co-lead the Therapeutic Yoga trainings with Arturo Peal, the many gifts he brings as a seasoned practitioner and senior educator are invaluable." 

Swami Ramananda Director, Integral Yoga Institute SF

 "Arturo is a rare teacher that is able to make his vast knowledge of anatomy and healing arts accessible to all those he shares with. He demonstrates through his own example how to put that knowledge into practical use. His compassion, humility, and playfulness make him a joy to teach with and to learn from." 

Janet Stone San Francisco, CA

 "Arturo has the ability to come into any situation and melt into it while staying true to his teachings. He brings the body to life in a real way, a way that draws the student toward a deeper understanding of the inner workings of the systems of body and its relationship with movement. He brings joy and vitality to even the most mundane teachings and ignites a desire to know more and continue to study the dynamic aspects of anatomy and living yoga." 

Jack Adams, RYT

“As a Yoga student of more than 30 years, and four
years now as a Yoga teacher, I find Arturo's teaching to be masterful: he combines skill, humor, and great sequences such that my mind is nourished with valuable knowledge and my body feels freer and more energized. He takes me all the way from deep connective tissue out to more subtle layers of energy.“

Meghan (yoga teacher) San Francisco, CA

 "Arturo makes anatomy FUN! He teaches it in a way that stays with me and has been so valuable for learning how anatomy applies in yoga postures." 

Sara (student) Santa Barbara, CA

 "Arturo's voice alone is remarkably soothing as he eases you in and out of therapeutic poses. Not to mention his gentle touch as he comes around the room and corrects your form. It's like you've been touched by an angel, it's so calming."