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Palpating Layers Meditation CD

Featuring the deep and soothing voice of Arturo Peal and the healing music of Victor Borda, Palpating Layers Meditation CD gives listeners the opportunity to quiet the mind and relax into a calm, meditative state.

A yoga teacher, Aikido instructor, and Anatomy and Physiology expert, Arturo brings a profound, holistic methodology to help listeners relieve anxiety, fear, and the stressesinduced by every day life.  The first track is a guided palpation meditation designed to do with a partner.  This meditation helps improve the listeners touch skills. The second track is a guided meditation though the layers of the body.  


To purchase contact arturo at bodystudies@gmail.com

Rainy Day CD Cover


The Rainy Day DVD

The Rainy Day Yoga DVD is a guided Therapeutic Yoga practice led by Arturo Peal.  In this one hour yoga practice, Arturo uses yoga poses from his Therapeutic Yoga Teaching Training Courses.  This practice combines Restorative yoga, gentle yoga poses, and breath work to help reduce muscle tension, calm the mind, and leave the body feeling rejuvenated.  

This DVD is intended for all levels.  Throughout the DVD, Arturo offers pose modifications to accommodate different limitations.  You will need a bolster or firm couch pillows, three blankets or large towels, and a belt/strap. 




To purchase contact arturo at bodystudies@gmail.com


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